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about us.

Start-up Marketing is a brand engagement firm dedicated to supporting start-ups with progressive marketing ideas. We implement innovative consumer experiences to help your business achieve its most ambitious results.

We do this by providing intelligent online marketing strategies and designing content your customers will find valuable.



For the best business results, your brand must stand out from the start as a world class entity with a unique offering. We work with you to build your company's reputation, irrespective of size, industry or stage of development.

Market Research

What does your brand offer that meets your target consumers' needs?

This is the question we help you to respond to. We also help you provide the answers to everyone searching for those answers. Our strategy is to uncover consumers' motives and needs, which leads to game-changing insights with the power to shift behavior in your favour.


We introduce small businesses to digital technologies that props up their business model and support them in providing additional revenue and value producing opportunities. We assist in identifying new opportunities to increase your visibility to your target market, reinforce your brand presence, keep it thriving and consistently engage your community.

our team.

Startup marketing agency offers marketing and brand engagement strategies for startups that are passionate about their brands and committed to leaning into the future so as to remain connected to their customers.

We are the leading marketing consulting agency with certified team members to support your startups to create exceptional customer service in the digital marketplace.

We are dedicated to helping startups do what matters most to them by delivering results measured only by impact and return on investment.

our foundation.

Our foundation is a national nonprofit organization that offers free consulting, brainstorming, training sessions, research and cross-sector collaborations to entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, accelerator programs and incubator hubs to build a sustainable world by 2030.

The SDGs present challenges and opportunities for start-ups to develop sustainable innovation and scalable ideas or solutions that can lead to transformative change. We work one-on-one with entrepreneurs to unlock new opportunities and scale up far-reaching solutions to build a world in which everyone can have a dignified life as the company delivers positive impact for the environment and the society.