Start-up Marketing is a brand engagement firm dedicated to supporting start-ups with progressive marketing ideas. We implement innovative consumer experiences to help your business achieve its most ambitious results.

We do this by providing intelligent online marketing strategies and designing content your customers will find valuable.

Our services are rooted in the knowledge that the success of your start-up lies in identifying your target market. This involves helping your customer find you whenever they search and then making your content so attractive they take the action your establishment desires.

We help position your start-up to resonate with your target market through the lead generation, demand creation and customer buy-in processes

As marketing has shifted from pushing messages to a defined audience to pulling in audiences with personalized content and a high level of engagement, we understand that it is important to create loyalty through establishing a meaningful relationship with your customers.

Branding and Positioning Analysis

For the best business results, your brand must stand out from the start as a world-class entity with a unique offering. We work with you to build your company's reputation, irrespective of size, business or stage of development.

Market Research and Consumer Survey

What does your brand offer that meets your target consumers' needs?

This is the question we help you respond to. We then help you provide the answers to everyone searching for those answers. Our strategy is to uncover consumers' motives and needs, which leads to game-changing insights with the power to shift behavior in your favour.

Digital Strategy

Our SEO/SEM strategies increase your visibility on search engines and funnel targeted traffic to your website. Our database on social network advertising ensures we use appropriate engagement strategies across all relevant channels to reinforce your online presence, keep it thriving, and build and engage your community.

Our market listening software enables us to respond to your needs with real-time insights to grow market share by managing negative conversations and identifying new opportunities.


Linda Baa-Mintah has a Master in Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Queens University and a Master in Art in International Affairs from the University of Ghana.

Her Statement: I offer marketing and brand engagement strategies for start-ups that are passionate about their brands and committed to leaning into the future so as to remain connected to their customers.

Start-up Marketing is the brand agency for new businesses with the vision of creating exceptional customer service in the digital marketplace. I am an entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in corporate communications. In that time, I have implemented strategies for some of the world's most respected agencies and brands. With great insight and experience in software development, innovation management, branding & marketing communications, I work with my team to serve start-ups with customized 360 Internet Marketing Communications. I also assist small brands to build digital footprints while increasing the level and quality of their engagement with customers.

I am dedicated to helping start-ups do what matters most to them by delivering results measured only by impact and return on investment.


Our foundation is a national nonprofit organization that offers free consulting, brainstorming, training sessions, research and cross-sector collaborations to entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, accelerator programs and incubator hubs to build a sustainable world by 2030.

The SDGs present challenges and opportunities for start-ups to develop sustainable innovation and scalable ideas or solutions that can lead to transformative change. We work one-on-one with entrepreneurs to unlock new opportunities and scale up far-reaching solutions to build a world in which everyone can have a dignified life as the company delivers positive impact for the environment and the society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global partner organization that supports start-ups to prioritize and deliver on the vital visions laid out by the SDGs by 2030.

Mission Statement

We believe in:

  • Shaping start-ups to focus on building a viable world, which makes it easier to have more world-class companies that are willing to contribute to the achievement of global sustainability goals in the long term.
  • Building awareness of the 17 key elements to improve health, education, the environment, gender equity and the gender pay gap, by the year 2030 among the start-up community in Canada.
  • Increasing partnerships and networks among entrepreneurs for possible collaborations across sectors to spur sustainable development in Canada especially among vulnerable and marginalized groups.
  • Identifying and supporting start-ups that are excelling in driving Canada's progress based on the 2030 agenda.


Start-up Marketing is currently available for selected consulting opportunities.

Branding and Positioning Analysis
  • Personal Branding of Founders
  • Brand Identity
  • Online Public Relations
  • Investor Pitch Coaching
Market Research and Consumer Survey
  • Market Research and Planning
  • Sales Strategies
  • Online Polls and Surveys
  • Finding Suitable Test Customers
  • Crowd Funding
Digital Strategy
  • Customer Engagement Platforms
  • Marketing Automation and Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Management & User Experience (UX) designing
  • Ecommerce Integration

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